TODD SICKAFOOSE :: Tiny Resistors (2008)

Grand melodies, shifting textures, and thick rhythms radiate from Todd Sickafoose's music. On Tiny Resistors, the bassist/composer matches his 8-piece New York band with a pair of guests, Andrew Bird and Ani DiFranco, to create a jazz record with the muscle and scope of an indie-rock orchestra. Throughout its 68 minutes of music, the record evokes images: the mysterious flora of a future epoch, the revelation of a secret message scribbled in invisible ink, an exodus of buzzing bees, and the silent sadness of an underwater piano, drowned in the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. It is these visions, and others, that inspire the 11 original compositions on Tiny Resistors, Sickafoose's third and most lushly-produced release to date. This is music from a thinker whom the San Francisco Chronicle calls "A captivating improviser, imaginative composer, and master of collaboration."

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TODD SICKAFOOSE :: Blood Orange (2006)

"Nothing short of a magical album" - (CD Baby)

Sold Out. Available on iTunes.

TODD SICKAFOOSE :: Dogs Outside (2000)

"One of the best new discs this year." (LA Times)

Sold Out. Available on iTunes.